Woodbury County Fair | 2015 Fairbook Dedication
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27 May 2015 Fairbook Dedication

Fairbook-Jack & Nancy Burright fixed color_sm

The Woodbury County Fairbook 2015 is dedicated to Jack & Nancy Burright.

It is with great appreciation that this year’s Fairbook is dedicated to Jack and Nancy Burright for their lifelong undying commitment to 4-H and the Woodbury County Fair. Between them, they served a total of 23 years as 4-H leaders, during which time Nancy served on the Fair Board of Directors from 1968 to 1982. It was in 1982 that they took on the job of fair managers, where they served until 1999. They were instrumental in developing Old Town and served on the Old Town Committee from its formation. They took on the leadership role upon their retirement as fair managers and continue to serve on that committee today. Jack has served on the Woodbury County Extension Council for 3 four-year terms. They are currently on the 4-H Council where they have served since 2005. As a team, they have given a combined total of over 100 years of dedicated service to the Woodbury County Fair, and our 4-H youth.

What a Team! We thank you!