Woodbury County Fair | Woodbury County Fair King & Queen 2015!
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06 Aug Woodbury County Fair King & Queen 2015!


Your Woodbury County Fair Royalty Contest Winners for 2015 were announced Wednesday, August 5th! The Superintendents for the Queen Contest were Polly Pithan and Angie Schrunk. Your nominiees were Hailey Klaschen, Grace McGowan, Josie Scheer and Hailey Klaschen. Winners: Queen, Ms. Klaschen from Anthon, 2nd Pricess, Ms. McGowan, 1st Princess, Ms. Scheer and Miss Congeniality, Ms. Klaschen.

The King Contest Superintendents were Julie Goodin and Roxie Ullrich. Your nominees were Brady Butters, Ryan Fouts, Brody Auen and Michael Nafe. Winners: King, Mr. Butters from Moville, 1st Prince, Mr Fouts, 2nd Prince, Mr. Auen and Mr. Personality went to Michael Nafe.

Congratulations to all of you and your families.